Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It's Release Day!

Wicked Disclosure, book 1 in my super hot Wicked Distractions Series is out today!

Pushing his boundaries was always her plan. What she didn’t expect was how much she’d love it when he pushed back.
Trent Brooks is young, hungry and on his way to the top as a newly appointed Lead Communications Officer at Morgan and Miller, a conglomerate of family brands. After the death of the company’s CFO, Trent is dispatched to navigate a delicate situation involving the deceased executive and an escort agency known as Kitty Calls.

Sabine Cowan is the take-no-prisoners owner of Kitty Calls, who has no use for men other than for her business and her personal pleasure. When Trent presents her with the confidentiality agreement, she dismisses it. But instead of dismissing him, she decides he may be just the type of fun she’s been hungry for.

When compromising photos of Sabine and Trent together are leaked to the media, both of their worlds explode, just in very different ways. Sabine is used to being painted as a sexual deviant. Trent, not so much. With his reputation and his career hanging in the balance, he’s determined to figure out who’s behind the leak.

Screwing Sabine Cowan is every man’s wet dream, including Trent’s. Falling in love with her, however, is not what he bargained for. Exploring the depth of their passion in whatever way she wants could destroy him completely, but his quest for the truth may be something worth dying for.

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Things I Put in my Mouth Part 5

Okay, I lied, I totally drank more wine. I thought I needed a break but I didn't! lol

I have two more bottles of new-to-me wine to share.

Once again, a California wine pleases my tastebuds. Smoking Loon is a really tasty wine. It's sweet, and by now you should know that I like that, but not too sweet. I found it light and fruity too. It paired well with my Wunderbar which is always a good thing.

This one was a no for me. My husband and I both reacted the same way....too tart! It tastes like sour apples which is fine when you're eating turkey dinner to kill a bit of the sour taste but otherwise, no. I like a wine I can sip without having to eat anything with it. This one needs an accompaniment which may not be a problem for some people but that's not me. I hate to admit it but the bottle didn't even make it back into the fridge, it's sitting on the table still and that's never a good sign.

This was the last of my white wine taste-testing splurge bottles. I enjoyed this little experiment and I'm satisfied that I've found some pretty great wines that I can stockpile for the upcoming weeks of isolation.

Somehow with all this drinking, I've managed to get a lot of writing work done too. Stay tuned for my next book release in a couple of weeks.

Pushing his boundaries was always her plan. What she didn't expect was how much she'd love it when he pushed back.

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