Tuesday, December 8, 2020

It's Release Day!


Did someone say reverse harem? 

Wicked Christmas


From the Naughty or Nice? collection

What’s Christmas without sugar cookies, stuffed stockings, mistletoe and three men to unwrap?

Vivian Hayes knows what she wants for Christmas—a candy cane martini, her twin boyfriends and a whole lotta mistletoe. It’s her year to spend Christmas with her mom and stepdad, but when she arrives home, she discovers that her self-imposed off-limits adult stepbrother has broken the rules.

They had a deal, and Noah is not supposed to be there. As usual, since her mother’s recent marriage to his father, their chemistry is off the charts, Noah is trying everything he can to convince her they should be together, and her twin lovers aren’t doing a thing to discourage the idea.

When they have to team up to help Vivian’s mom battle a corrupt investor, Vivian’s walls start to crumble and she has to decide if she will continue to deny herself the pleasure she so badly wants or set aside her own rules and risk everything so she can finally learn what Noah can bring to her harem.

The heat won’t just be coming from the fireplace this Christmas.


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You can check out an excerpt of Wicked Christmas on Ellen Mint's blog here. 

And if you're interested in exploring the other books in the series, you can start here:

Wicked Disclosure

Coming soon....

Wicked Ways

Saturday, September 26, 2020

It's Cover Reveal Time!! Oh, and a Wicked Cool Contest Coming up.


My very first reverse harem story is up for pre-order! 

Wicked Christmas will release on December 8th, just in time for cozy cuddling weather. 

Consider this 1.5 in my Wicked Distractions series. 

You can preorder here:

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More links to come as I get them.


October 1st-13th

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Guest Post: The Captain and the Baker

I'd like to introduce you to my new friends Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead! They're visiting today because they have a new book coming out tomorrow and I thought you all might like to hear about it.

Locryn, the baker of The Captain and the Baker, is a celebrity TV cook and baking is his go-to comfort. He gets out his frustration kneading bread and enjoys creating beautiful cakes. Catherine and I wrote the novel last year, without any idea that baking would become incredibly popular in 2020.

With fears of shortages, baking your own bread seems quite sensible, but in the past few months, with so many people stuck at home, baking has become a past-time and a way to create something lovely and delicious in a world that seems to have gone off the rails.

I think Locryn would definitely understand the urge to bake that so many people have experienced recently – an urge so huge that shops routinely run out of flour. He’d probably be filming live baking online from his kitchen to keep people calmed and entertained at home.

I’ve ended up baking myself, with mixed results because I couldn’t get the right flour! The wonderful thing about baking though is that it’s fun to follow the steps and I felt I’d achieved something even though my tray bake erupted in my oven. That’d be all the bicarbonate of soda I added to the plain flour because I couldn’t find self-raising…

I made some ratafia biscuits (like amaretti biscuits), which are delicious, and simple, and gluten-free. And didn’t go horribly wrong! I ended up using them in Mary Berry’s pear trifle, and I even made homemade custard from scratch with egg yolks and milk to go with it. It was really worth the effort because although my rendition wasn’t the most exciting-looking trifle to have ever graced a dinner table, the mixture of almonds, pears, vanilla and cream was delicious. 

When I cook now, I wonder what Locryn and Jake – the restaurant-owning TV chef and the “captain” of our new novel – would make of it. He wouldn’t have held back his dismay on discovering my cakesplosion, that’s for sure! Jake is hot-tempered and its through the magic of Locryn’s baking, and the beautiful Cornish village of Porthavel, that he learns to chill. And discovers love in the process.

The Captain and the Baker by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead


When a hot-tempered TV chef and a mild-mannered baker meet on the rugged Cornish coast, they’ve got the perfect ingredients for a red-hot snack.


Sweary and stressed celebrity chef Jake Brantham is the captain of several floating restaurants. When he’s sent to the idyllic village of Porthavel to turn a pirate ship into the next gastronomic sensation, it’s the last place on earth he wants to be.


Locryn Trevorrow is the bakery king of Cornwall. From the humble pasty to a wedding cake fit for a mermaid queen, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about the art of baking. He lives in a cosy world of gingham and ganache, but at night he goes home to his smugglers’ cottage alone.


When he’s adopted by a lost kitten, Jake soon discovers that there’s more to Portavel than cream teas, lobster pots, and the annoyingly fastidious Locryn. As the village prepares for the wedding of its favourite young couple, Jake and Locryn find themselves as unlikely matchmakers for two locals who’d given up on love.


Torn between the call of Hollywood and the kisses of Locryn, will Jake choose a mansion in Beverly Hills or a cottage on the Cornish coast?


Released worldwide by Pride Publishing in ebook and paperback on 25th August 2020


About the Authors 

Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead began writing together in the spring of 2017 and swiftly discovered a shared love of sauce, well-dressed gents and a uniquely British sort of romance. They drink gallons of tea, spend hours discussing the importance of good tailoring and are never at a loss for a double entendre.

They are the authors of numerous  short stories and two novel series, the de Chastelaine Chronicles, and the Captivating Captains, published by Totally Bound and Pride. Their novel The Ghost Garden has been shortlisted for the 2020 Romantic Novel Awards.


Jake, immaculate in his chef whites but his hair just ruffled enough to look careless, tried to smile into the television camera.

There wasn’t much to smile about because, although the set of Saturday Breakfast was more than familiar to him, he hadn’t had to share it with Locryn Trevorrow before.

Locryn, as sugary sweet as the cakes and delicacies he baked, was as far as it was possible to be from Jake, a chef who’d made a name for himself swearing on the telly while cooking. As he had watched Locryn across the studio that morning, all smiles and sunshine and please and thank you and how marvelous, he couldn’t imagine the man had ever sworn in his life. He’d probably draw the line at fiddlesticks. 

“And now it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!” Katya, the host of the show, beamed, showing dazzling white teeth. “Our search for a bride and groom ends today with our very last couple, so get on the phones and get voting! You all know the rules by now. We’ve scoured the country and, out of thousands of applicants, we’ve found three couples who are competing for the chance to hold their wedding at Jake Brantham’s brand-new restaurant. The twist is, even Jake doesn’t know where that will be! All he knows is that it’ll be in the hometown of our winning couple and we’ll watch it all happen in his new series, From Wreck to Restaurant!

The camera cut away to Jake, who pulled his best theatrical glower. The one all his fans went crazy for.

“Each week we’ve invited a couple onto Saturday Breakfast and paired them with a chef from their town, who’s been challenged by Jake to cook one of his signature dishes. Our last couple are Zoe and David, from the gorgeous little village of Porthavel, and they’re joined by Britain’s favorite and loveliest baker, Locryn Trevorrow!” Across the studio crew, a loud smattering of applause sounded, which Locryn dismissed with a bashful wave of his hand. “We sent our intrepid crew off to meet Zoe and David at home in Cornwall, so let’s take a look at life in one of Britain’s cutest fishing villages.”

The floor manager called, “And we’re off.”

A makeup artist dashed onto the set and immediately began dusting at Katya’s face. Standing behind the worktop where he would soon do battle with Jake’s recipe, Locryn called to Jake, “Morning! We haven’t had a chance to meet yet, so hello!”

Plummy wasn’t the word for it. Jake had wondered if that voice was a put-on for the cameras, but it didn’t sound like it. Did that mean the cottage in the opening titles of Trevorrow Treats was real too, right down to the roses around the door and the goats on the front lawn, grazing the grass that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean on Cornwall’s south coast?

“And a good fucking morning to you!” Jake unfolded one arm and waved. A sort of wave, at least. Locryn blinked at him, then gave a smile that was more like a grimace. Perhaps they didn’t say fucking in his little corner of Cornwall.

“You ready to feel the meat?” Jake asked. He planted his hands on his hips, his eyebrow arched in challenge.

“Yes…right, meat.” Locryn abandoned his designated mark as a runner began assembling the ingredients on the worktop. There were fresh herbs and juicy tomatoes, oils and spices, but none of the sugar and silliness that Locryn Trevorrow had turned into his fortune. He approached Jake and lowered his voice a little to ask, “You do know I’m a baker? I’m just slightly concerned because it doesn’t look like you’ve set me a baking challenge.”

“And you do know I’m not a bloody baker?” Jake sighed. “You’ve got to follow one of my recipes, mate—and I don’t do cupcakes or croissants!”

Locryn shook his head, then ruffled one hand through his dark-blond hair. He glanced back at the worktop, where the runner had now covered the ingredients with a tea towel that bore a pattern of sunflowers.

Very bloody him.

“I’ll give it my best,” he decided. Then he smiled and said, “You never know, if I get it terribly wrong, Zoe and David might get the sympathy vote anyway!”

And I’ll have to go to the arse end of nowhere for months.

“Do you think so?” Jake dabbed at some crumbs on the workstation in front of him. “I bet it’s fucking fixed anyway. That posh couple from Hamble’ll win because—and don’t tell anyone I told you”—Jake revved up to unleash his secret in an unsubtle stage whisper, and he didn’t care if anyone overheard—“the groom’s uncle is one of this show’s producers.”

Locryn unfastened one of his cufflinks—they wouldn’t be buttons, would they—and rolled up his sleeve as he said, “That’s not true, is it? Tell me that’s a fib.”

A fucking fib. Is he nine?

“It’s true!” Jake gave an emphatic nod. “Eugenia and Ptolemy have an in. You may as well send your two fucking home right away! It’s a long way back to your foggy old smuggler country. If they leave now, they’ll just about catch the next train!”

But all Locryn did was unfasten the second cufflink and serenely roll up his sleeve. Then he smiled and told Jake, “You’re just as charming as I thought you’d be. Don’t count me out yet, Mr. Brantham. If all else fails, I can try and fall back on this smile.”

“I don’t do charming, Trevorrow. I do simple, local, fresh.” Jake emphasized each word, punching his fist against his palm. Locryn blinked then glanced toward the floor manager, who was frantically ushering everyone back into position. Across the studio all three couples were sitting on bright yellow couches around a coffee table in the mock-up of a sitting room, where guests were stationed while the cooks gave their demonstrations. Locryn gave them a thumbs-up and David and Zoe returned it, the young couple looking as nervous as he was laid-back.

That won’t last.

“It’s Saturday Breakfast and—awwww—aren’t David and Zoe adorable?” Katya made a face into the camera as though she were addressing a newborn kitten. “And someone else we adore is our guest chef, or should I say guest baker, Locryn Trevorrow. Locryn’s famous for his naughty but gorgeous cakes and bakes, and he’s come all the way from Porthavel with our last couple to try and cook them to victory. Are you ready to face Jake’s challenge, Locryn?”

He nodded and replied, “As I’ll ever be, Katya.”

“You’ve already met our couples and the lines are open, so get voting now. At the end of the program we’ll find out which of our gorgeous couples have won their dream wedding, and Jake will find out where he’s going to be turning a wreck into a restaurant in his brand-new series, From Wreck to Restaurant.” She glanced toward Jake and grinned. “Will he be in Hamble, York or Porthavel? It’s up to you at home. Jake, it’s time for you to reveal to Locryn what he’s going to be cooking today!”

Rubbing his hands together, Jake crossed the studio and stood beside Locryn. The man’s cologne was suddenly all around Jake. Not a cloying, gassy cloud of it but a spicy scent that Jake, despite himself, found oddly enticing.

Oh, fuck that, no.

“So, Locryn, no f—fancy cupcakes for you today!” Jake said. “Instead, you’ll be making one of my favorites, pork goujons with tomato sauce. It’s simple, it’s local, it’s fresh, and when you get to the breadcrumbs, it’s bloody close to baking.”

Pork?” Locryn looked down at the worktop as Katya pulled back the tea towel to reveal the ingredients. He rubbed his hands together and glanced toward the couples on the sofa. “I’m up for that. It’s for Zoe and David, after all!”

“You’ve got your recipe, you’ve got your ingredients and you’ve got Jake to keep you on your toes.” Katya grinned. “Jake, any hints or tips for Locryn before he dives in and tries to recreate one of your Michelin-starred staples?”

“Feel the meat,” Jake advised. He leaned with one hand on the worktop. “Don’t skate round it. It’s central to the dish. You need to feel it and know when it’s cut the right size, know when it’s cooked through. That’s the secret working with any f—flesh. Meat. You’ve got to feel it.”

Thursday, July 30, 2020

I sold a short story!


It took me a while to sell a short story because I wasn't zeroing in on the right market but I finally figured it out and tada ~I sold one!

The short story is called What You Need and it's a hot little thing told in second person. It's set to release in June 2021 and will be featured in an orgasm anthology that Cleis Press will be putting together.

I'm really excited to be working with editor Rachel Kramer Bussel and I'm honored to be joining all the other authors who will be in the anthology.

Once I have more information like cover art and an actual release date, I'll be sure to let you know.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It's Release Day!

Forever My Cowboy is finally here! Happy release day to me!

You can order your copy at:

*This is a revised, reedited version of Going the Distance

A newly revised and re-edited version!
She has always loved her cowboy, but, to keep him, she’ll have to show the world her heart.

Colton and Steph have been a thing since high school. Colton, a cowboy who stubbornly tends to his family’s horse ranch, likes a simple life. Steph, now a famous Hollywood star, likes things with a little more flash and bang. The two of them couldn’t be any more different and yet, when they come together, it’s an explosion of lust that rivals the intensity of a flame to gasoline.

Steph gets away as often as she can, visiting Colton between movies she’s working on, and Colton is always there waiting for her. She has put her career ahead of everything, and in an effort to keep Colton a secret and ensuring his privacy is not disturbed, she also lets the media have control over her love life, allowing whatever gossip they dream up to run unchecked, except where he’s concerned. But when the media finds her visiting Colton’s ranch, she lies about how much he means to her in an effort to protect his anonymity.

It’s a lie that could destroy her life completely because it’s one that Colton believes. And the next time she goes to see him, he’s not there to greet her. Steph finds herself in a race not just to find him but to show him how much he means to her and what she’s willing to do to prove it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Cover Reveal: Forever My Cowboy

It's that time again! I've got a release scheduled for June 30th and I also have a new cover to show you!

Forever My Cowboy is a rewrite of one of my previously published short stories that some of you may recall, Going the Distance. In the time since it went out of "print" I have used some of the reviewer feedback I got and revamped the story.

You can preorder your copy here:

A newly revised and re-edited version!
She has always loved her cowboy, but, to keep him, she’ll have to show the world her heart.
Colton and Steph have been a thing since high school. Colton, a cowboy who stubbornly tends to his family’s horse ranch, likes a simple life. Steph, now a famous Hollywood star, likes things with a little more flash and bang. The two of them couldn’t be any more different and yet, when they come together, it’s an explosion of lust that rivals the intensity of a flame to gasoline.

Steph gets away as often as she can, visiting Colton between movies she’s working on, and Colton is always there waiting for her. She has put her career ahead of everything, and in an effort to keep Colton a secret and ensuring his privacy is not disturbed, she also lets the media have control over her love life, allowing whatever gossip they dream up to run unchecked, except where he’s concerned. But when the media finds her visiting Colton’s ranch, she lies about how much he means to her in an effort to protect his anonymity.

It’s a lie that could destroy her life completely because it’s one that Colton believes. And the next time she goes to see him, he’s not there to greet her. Steph finds herself in a race not just to find him but to show him how much he means to her and what she’s willing to do to prove it.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Word vs Scrivener: An Experiment

I've been doing this writing thing for a very long time. In a professional capacity, thirteen years.

I currently have 16 books out and another one on the way. The number of published work I have has fluctuated over the years due to publishers closing and rights being reverted. It's definitely been a marathon rather than a sprint.

I've written probably three times that though...actually, maybe more than three times that.

I've accumulated a lot of words and logged a shitton of hours.

From the very beginning I have used a writing program called Scrivener. It was a program that came highly recommended and, at first, was only available to use on Macs. I think that's changed now but I don't use any other kind of PC so I've never really looked into it.

I like Scrivener. It allows me to organize my chapters into files so I can flip between them easily instead of scrolling through an entire document. It compiles my files into a Word doc for editing. It can even format it (so I've heard) for epublishing. It has templates for character sketches and setting.

I've only ever had one major crisis with the program not working suddenly but that was fixed relatively quickly. I like it. It's worked for me.

Until recently.

Lately I've been struggling with Scrivener because it doesn't allow me to continue working on my projects if I'm away from my home computer. I can't open a Scrivener file on my work computer if I'm trying to get a few words over my lunch break. And that's kind of a pain in my ass. I need to be able to sneak in some writing whenever I have a spare minute and Scrivener stops me from doing that.

I found a work around. I'd put my writing in a Google doc and then copy and paste it into the Scrivener file later but I started to get annoyed with that too.

All of my editing happens in Word. That is standard for any publisher I've worked with. So I decided to try and use Word exclusively for my latest project which was a very short novella. I figured I could handle having to scroll through 20K or less.

I didn't hate it. It forced me to write linearly though, which meant I couldn't (or wouldn't for some reason) skip any scenes but that didn't hold me up or block me in any way. In fact, I powered through, didn't take one night off and finished the project in less than two weeks. I don't know if that was because I didn't feel like I could skip things or if it was because I need to get this done by June 1st but either way, I didn't fuck around much at all.

Being able to jump chapters or scenes is handy when you're facing 80K or more though and I do that often when I'm using Scrivener.

Scrivener also has a really nifty word counter that looks like this:

It goes from red to green as you type, both for the overall word count on the project and for the current writing session target. It's pretty nice to watch the bar move to green when you're working. Very motivating. I found a work around with Word but it wasn't the same at all. (Highlighting what I wrote and checking the word count --blah!)

Scrivener has a side panel that allows for both project notes and chapter notes that stay put while you are working. That is VERY handy because there are things that I need to remember about plot or objects or characters and having them in a place that doesn't scroll away as I'm typing is useful.

I used Word's comment feature for this purpose on my novella but I had to scroll back up to it often to remind myself of things. Again, not a problem in a short project but it would get annoying, I think, in a longer novel.

Being able to access my file from any computer is a major bonus. I fear my Mac is on it's way to the otherworld and if I lose it mid-project and I'm using Scrivener, I'm pretty screwed for however long it takes me to get a new Mac. Word is more accessible.

Is that enough to keep me working exclusively in Word going forward? I don't know. I'm going to try to write my next novel using Word exclusively again. At this time, I don't feel that Scrivener is safe because of my computer issues but if I get a new computer, I can't say I wouldn't switch back to Scrivener...I do miss the bells and whistles that come with it.

Just thought I'd share my experience with anyone who is curious.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It's Release Day!

Wicked Disclosure, book 1 in my super hot Wicked Distractions Series is out today!

Pushing his boundaries was always her plan. What she didn’t expect was how much she’d love it when he pushed back.
Trent Brooks is young, hungry and on his way to the top as a newly appointed Lead Communications Officer at Morgan and Miller, a conglomerate of family brands. After the death of the company’s CFO, Trent is dispatched to navigate a delicate situation involving the deceased executive and an escort agency known as Kitty Calls.

Sabine Cowan is the take-no-prisoners owner of Kitty Calls, who has no use for men other than for her business and her personal pleasure. When Trent presents her with the confidentiality agreement, she dismisses it. But instead of dismissing him, she decides he may be just the type of fun she’s been hungry for.

When compromising photos of Sabine and Trent together are leaked to the media, both of their worlds explode, just in very different ways. Sabine is used to being painted as a sexual deviant. Trent, not so much. With his reputation and his career hanging in the balance, he’s determined to figure out who’s behind the leak.

Screwing Sabine Cowan is every man’s wet dream, including Trent’s. Falling in love with her, however, is not what he bargained for. Exploring the depth of their passion in whatever way she wants could destroy him completely, but his quest for the truth may be something worth dying for.

You can buy a copy here:

I've also got a contest starting today for a 25$ Amazon GC!

Enter HERE

Monday, April 13, 2020

Things I Put in my Mouth Part 5

Okay, I lied, I totally drank more wine. I thought I needed a break but I didn't! lol

I have two more bottles of new-to-me wine to share.

Once again, a California wine pleases my tastebuds. Smoking Loon is a really tasty wine. It's sweet, and by now you should know that I like that, but not too sweet. I found it light and fruity too. It paired well with my Wunderbar which is always a good thing.

This one was a no for me. My husband and I both reacted the same way....too tart! It tastes like sour apples which is fine when you're eating turkey dinner to kill a bit of the sour taste but otherwise, no. I like a wine I can sip without having to eat anything with it. This one needs an accompaniment which may not be a problem for some people but that's not me. I hate to admit it but the bottle didn't even make it back into the fridge, it's sitting on the table still and that's never a good sign.

This was the last of my white wine taste-testing splurge bottles. I enjoyed this little experiment and I'm satisfied that I've found some pretty great wines that I can stockpile for the upcoming weeks of isolation.

Somehow with all this drinking, I've managed to get a lot of writing work done too. Stay tuned for my next book release in a couple of weeks.

Pushing his boundaries was always her plan. What she didn't expect was how much she'd love it when he pushed back.

Preorder your copy today!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Things I Put in my Mouth Part 4

I thought I'd found a wine that I could buy endlessly and love no matter what kind it was.

But I was wrong.

I really do love the Bodacious whites but this one is not my favourite at all. It wasn't terrible but it was too dry and not sweet enough for me. It did go well with turkey dinner and I did drink the entire bottle eventually, so nothing went to waste but I won't likely be buying this one again. I'll stick to the smooth white or the Pinot Grigio.

I did, however, find a wine that I do love, almost as much as the Bodacious smooth white.

Pepperwood Grove is super delicious. It's a little bit sweet and definitely light. There's no weird aftertaste either. I do quite like California wines, both red and white, so this isn't a total surprise to me. Bodacious is cheaper though, so I'll likely stockpile that instead.

I feel satisfied that I've now found two white wines that are just as good or maybe better than what I remember of the wine I had over Christmas. I still do want to go to the wineries in Niagara to do a little taste testing but, as we all know, that won't be happening anytime soon.

I'm taking a break from the wine drinking for a bit. I definitely don't want to come out of this world of isolation with a dependancy on white wine. After my mini-booze break, I'll share some of my favourite whiskey and Scotches.