Saturday, December 3, 2016

Exciting News!

Quite unexpectedly I had a very exciting thing happen this week...I was scouted!! Dave Thomas, of DarkFuse came looking for me! FOR ME!!

This is one of those writerly bucklet list things. Scouted to write something special for a publisher. Well, it happened, Dave came looking and I was ready for it. He pitched an idea, write for his new series, Erotikos, specializing in erotic dark fiction, and of course I said yes!

I was so inspired that I wrote something up for him that day and within a couple of days I was officially a DarkFuse author!

This isn't my normal erotic stuff, it's grittier, darker, and much more disturbing. Dave has given me a green light to explore the deepest depths of my naughty imagination so be prepared for some squirm-inducing stories.

This is a new path for me, unexpected but very welcome. I can't wait to see what comes next.

I'll let you all know when the story goes live and keep ya posted on any other exciting things that may be coming.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beast Rising Cover Reveal!

I revealed my cover for Beast Rising in this month's newsletter but for those of you who haven't yet subscribed (why not?) I'm revealing it here too!

The Huntresses are stepping up their game. So are the forces arrayed against them…

Embracing the Huntresses could mean death to the wolves who love them.

The Order of the Wolf, Book 7

Mayhem is furious. While he and the boys have been rocking it out on stage at a series of concerts in Scotland, Darcy and Aubrey have been sneaking out for, as they so defiantly put it, "training."

Raven is cut to the bone when he discovers what Darcy's been doing behind his back. But simply forbidding the women from hunting isn't the answer. Though it makes him uneasy, he talks Mayhem into joining forces to train alongside their women.

Training is in full swing when they encounter a pair of ancient Huntresses battling each other with powers Darcy and the girls can only dream about. Taking sides turns out to be a mistake when Darcy and Raven are kidnapped, and an evil plan is put into play to use the girls' powers to unleash Lazarus, the king of the beasts.

The only way to defeat him is for the Order, Huntresses, and Wolves to put their mutual mistrust aside and unite. Or the world could be flooded with an unending river of feral beasts.

Warning: Contains sex in public places, a virtual reality threesome, and some red hot lovin'. Female warriors with an attitude who won't be shackled or coddled, and rock star werewolf mates who are hard pressed to keep up

Release day is January 17, 2017 (it's super weird to be typing 2017 by the way)

If you're interested in signing up to be a part of my release activities, please click on this link and follow the prompts! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

I'm gonna tell you a secret...

You ready for it?

Here it is...

I write romance. Okay, okay, you knew that. I write romance and in that romance are erotic scenes. Explicit, no closed doors erotic scenes.

So, given that, it's easy to assume that I write romance because I enjoy the relationship building, the sexual encounters, the hot and heavy, the deep and meaningful aspects that make romance romance. And I do.

But here's what you didn't know...when I was writing The Order of the Wolf series, it wasn't because I wanted to share stories about a guy and girl falling in love, doing it repeatedly and then living happily ever after.

Okay, it wasn't only because of that.

When I was writing The Order books it was because I wanted to bring to life these strong female warriors, the Huntresses, who were not only pivotal to the fight but, in the process of growing, would learn how valuable and powerful they were to all aspects of life, including their relationships.

I created these female warriors who are struggling to understand themselves and their powers. Who are learning about their roles and their places in a new world order. They aren't perfect and they make mistakes.

BUT they are the only ones who can vanquish the evil and truly save the day.

Their men, the Hunters or their wolves, play a valuable role too. It is in them that the Huntresses can find support, encouragement and partnership, and maybe that's something they're working on or trying to get right, but the essence of it is in every story that I've written in this series.

I am inspired by strong female characters. I love movies that showcase a kick ass female who can not only handle a weapon but can handle her individuality and strength, even if it takes time to get there.

The finale of The Order of the Wolf, Beast Rising, is set to release in January 2017 and in that book I hope to share with you a coming of age for the Huntresses. It is time for them to grasp what is theirs and rule the world that I've created for them.

So yeah, I write romances with love, arguments, hot, heavy, drooling, panty ripping make-ups but I also write about strong, kick ass women who not only have each other's backs but will save the day and the world whether you like it or not.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.  I can't wait to share the finale with you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Exciting News!!

I'm super happy to announce that Beast Rising, Book 7 of The Order of the Wolf has a tentative release planned for early 2017!!!

At this point I don't have all the details to share but once things start coming through, blurb, cover, etc, I'll be sure to update you.

Beast Rising is technically considered the finale of the series and will tie up all the threads from relationships to battles. It includes an ensemble cast of characters from many of the other books and is told from the POV of the wolves and their mates.

I wrote this book last summer and wasn't sure what was going to happen with it but it's on track for release with edits starting soon! And a big bonus is that I get to work with my editor Holly Atkinson who has had an editing hand in helping me shape all of the books to date. Her insight has been invaluable to me and I'm thrilled to be working with her again.

This series has taken me on a great writing journey and I'm both happy and sad to see it come to an end, but all things least for now.

I have some other things in the works...possibly a new venture soon to come that may involve a new pen name ;-) but I can't say more than that now.

Back to the editing cave for me! Catch ya later!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

So, Remember That Time I Almost Died?

Okay, probably not because I haven't really talked about it...until now. This is not an easy post for me to write but after seeing similar health issues crop up in other people's lives (other women's lives) I decided to share what happened to me.

So, back in January, I was unknowingly flirting pretty hard with death. It sounds dramatic and at the time it was, because I had no idea how close I'd been.

When I think back on it, I had symptoms for years...what I didn't know were panic attacks, where my heart would race and feel like it was going to jump right out of my chest, had been happening for a long time, most of the time just before I was about to fall asleep. So I would get up, write a list of things I had to do and then take a pill or two and go to bed. The next day I would do all the things and wonder why I'd gotten so worked up about it.

I'm a hardcore type a kinda girl. I work a pretty intense day job that has a lot of take home, I was carrying a publishing schedule that had me releasing every three/four months (and involved not only writing but 3+ rounds of edits, promo and other paperwork time-sucks). I also had been involved in some day job projects that were both exciting/challenging and time consuming. I'd also taken on a union leader role that was consuming more energy then I'd anticipated. And that's just So needless to say, I was STRESSED...more stressed than I realized. Nothing that I couldn't handle. Right? I loved doing it all so what's the big deal?

What I didn't know was that my stress was killing me. I suspected that something was up, thought about making a doctor's appointment but there was so much to do always that I never got around to it.

I went on a vacation in December. I really needed that vacation. Desperately. On the way home, I bumped my head hard enough that I had a pretty tender spot for days afterward. I didn't think anything of it though and prepared for work as I would normally once my vacation was over.

I woke up that day feeling WEIRD. I was dizzy, couldn't walk straight, had trouble following a conversation and lost words. In fact, I was giving a presentation at work and could hardly make sense of the slideshow I'd created. I thought I might have a concussion from the head bump. Instead of going to the hospital though (did I mention that I'm also stubborn?) I called a nurse (we have a free health call center in Canada) and the nurse advised me to go to the hospital. I ignored the nurse and went to bed instead.

The next morning the symptoms were worse so I decided it would be better to get it checked out. My biggest worry was that if I had a concussion I would be restricted from using my computer (I know how concussion recovery works) and I couldn't lose the time. There was too much to do. But my symptoms were just too drastic to ignore any longer. I couldn't even drive to work and I shouldn't have driven the day before.

I told the triage nurse what was going on and she did a check of my vitals...including my blood pressure. She frowned, checked my other arm, frowned again and then checked my bp one more time. She asked me if I was unusually stressed out about anything. I told her that I was missing a day of work and that was going to set me back. She pushed my file through to the doctor as a high priority.

It turns out my bp was 220/168. If you google that, you'll see how bad it was. We're talking stroke/heart attack territory, or as the ER doc said, you're like a Champagne bottle ready to explode. And we needed to get my bp down. Quick. But not so quick that it made me sick from the stress of that on my body. I got nitro. And over the course of six hours or so, my bp came down. I was put on some drugs and sent home with all of the preliminary tests coming back clean. There was nothing medically wrong with me that would cause high bp. No history. No family history of early onset. I worked out regularly (in fact I would argue I was in the best shape of my life at that point). My organs were behaving properly and all of my blood related levels were normal. (And since then all additional tests have come back clean too.)

Two days later I was back in the ER with super hight BP once again. I got nitro again. And then I got fast-tracked to see my family doctor.

I was pretty sick, folks. My body felt like I'd been run over several times. I couldn't think straight. The pills were making my BP plummet so I ended up almost passing out at work several times. I ended up having to take about two weeks off (and I never take time off) and faced the threat of a long term leave.

And the body stuff, that wasn't the worst of it.

The worst part was the mental shit, the head game that was going on. I couldn't see how my life could go on. I couldn't function. My body was betraying me. I couldn't have a conversation without breaking into tears. I cried every day. I couldn't handle adversity in the slightest. I was so, so weak. I hate weakness. Loath it. I am not weak. But I was then. And I was having anxiety attacks which I'd never experienced before. And the depression...don't get me started on that. It was horrible.

I've made some changes to my life. I've slowed things down. Samhain closing has been a blessing in a way. It has been a forced break. I've reprioritized things. I've adapted to a different, less taxing schedule at work. I've learned how to say no and not feel guilty (mostly). I've agreed with myself to cut out the bullshit. I don't have time for bullshit. I don't have energy for it either. Life is too short for toxicity. It's too short for anything that doesn't make me happy. I'm still working on things. There are things that spike my bp and we're still looking for a physical cause just in case I  have some obscure thing going on. More tests. Those are fun. I'll probably be on meds for the rest of my life.

I'm turning 40 this year. I always imagined that I'd live to be as old as fuck and have ten million cats. I'm sharing this because I think other women need to know. I think we forget about ourselves a lot of the time. Or we think because we are strong that nothing can defeat us, that we will survive. But there are things that can defeat us and so I've learned some things that I'd like to pass along.

1) Listen to your body. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Call your doctor. Make the time.
2) Get rid of the toxic shit. People and things. Life is too short to be unhappy for stupid reasons...even if they don't seem stupid, even if they seem like the most important things in your life. If you spend most of your time being miserable because of it, cut it out.
3) Remember that there are no guarantees for tomorrow. Live life and, for the love of all the chocolate in the world, don't work too hard. Make time to unplug. Make time for you.

There are many people who have helped me and continue to help me, but if I start writing about them I'm going to cry again. So I will continue to thank them privately in my actions and words. (The words are the hardest, even for a writer). They all know how much they mean to me, at least I hope they do. I will try harder to make sure they do.

I'm still recovering. My bp is still too high. I'm working on it. Every day.

I'm still writing but my days of aggressively publishing are over. Things will happen as they happen because I can't write anything if I'm dead. ;-)

Keep on keeping on and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Dark War Release Day!!

That's right, it's finally release day for The Dark War!

As Darkness rises, magic is their only defense —if it doesn’t end the world.

I've got a contest starting today for $20 Amazon Gift below to enter. 

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Stay tuned...I'm still writing...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Dark War is Coming

My next release is The Dark War and it's due out May 17. This is a project that has been a long time coming and I'm really excited to finally get to share it with you all.

The first version of this book actually came from a little playing around with Harry Potter fan fiction and my obsession with Snape. That's right, I'm a Snape lover. I wrote a novel about an academy of witches who were facing a deadly foe and needed to travel back in time to the Salem witch hunts to fix the problem. The book was...BAD...and being my first attempt at venturing into paranormal erotic romance, rightly so. We all have to start somewhere though, right?

It then spawned another version, this time about a girl who discovers that she's a witch with extraordinary tracking powers and she's being hunted by a ruthless vampire master. That project, sadly, will also live forever in the abyss of my computer hard drive.

And lastly came The Dark War, which takes the idea of  witch with innately powerful tracking powers who uses them to hunt her own kind. She's a bit on the dark side and definitely has some issues, but that's the kind of main character who really speaks to me. This novel was a rewrite of the two previous novels, and really came from my good friend Michelle von E's suggestion to "show me how the war started" and so, for her, I did.

It's a little over a month still before The Dark War comes out but I'm pumped for you all to read it.

As the darkness rises, magic is their only defense—if it doesn’t end the world.
The Dark War, Book 1
Witch. Hunter. Traitor. Kali Richards’s solitary life’s work is to hunt the evildoers of her own kind and bring them to justice. She’s poised to catch her latest bounty when she realizes her quarry is a witch-vampire hybrid with a taste for blood—Kali’s blood.
She’s lost quite a lot of it when Wyatt, the ex who still owns the pieces of her shattered heart, comes to her rescue. Eight years apart hasn’t cooled her anger over their breakup. Neither has it cooled the desire still steaming between them.
As Wyatt heals her wounds, he brings disturbing news: Kali’s mother has awakened from a years-long coma with a prophecy on her lips. A Dark War is coming that will pit supernatural against human. Kali is the key to stopping it.
Except Kali isn’t what you’d call adept at spellcasting. Like it or not, she needs a lot of help. From Wyatt, and from the organization that she turned her back on once before—the Witch Hunter’s Union. Even with an army at her back, she’s in for one hell of a ride…
Warning: May contain a stubborn little kick-ass witch, a wickedly sexy ex-boyfriend and a whole lot of hybrid trouble

Friday, February 26, 2016

And so it ends...

Well, my beloved publisher is closing. With the way life has been kicking me in the balls lately, I can't say I'm totally surprised. Not that I think my colossal bad luck as of late has anything to do with Samhain closing (but gosh is it very weird how crappy things have been).

I've gained a lot from my experiences working with Samhain and I've grown as a writer. I've made great friends, including my amazing editor Holly Atkinson. I've travelled to my first conference and had my first book signing. I've been able to hold my actual books in my hands! It's been amazing.

It was always on my bucket list to write for Samhain and I achieved that goal a few times over. While this is the end of things in one regard, it's only the beginning in many others.

So, I might be a bit silent on here as I sort things out and regroup but I will continue to send out my newsletter each month.

Thanks for the support...and if you're interested in buying my books...they're limited edition now so I'd get on that asap. ;-)

Bye for now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's Release Day!

This is a different kind of release because The Order of the Wolf is a collection of already released novellas in my series. I'm super excited about it though...being able to hold a paperback copy of this collection was the highlight of my month for sure.

I ran a special contest for my newsletter followers and randomly drew two winners of an autographed copy of The Order of the Wolf. The winners are....

Angel M and Rhonda H!

If you're interested in getting a copy yourself, the links are below!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

If you didn't hear....

And the only way you wouldn't hear is if you aren't getting my newsletter BUT Samhain has decided to bundle my wolf pack!

That's right! All in one giant package of manly rock star've got Cursed, Wolf Slayer, Spell Weaver and Mayhem! And the even better part is that it'll be in print too!

So far only Samhain has the tradepaper version listed but the others will catch up soon. It's set to release on Feb. 2!

I've been keeping this a secret for a while and I'm super excited to finally tell you all!

You want it? You can get it here:

I'll update as the links appear!