Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Release Day!!

So, today is the official release day for Going the Distance! Yay!!! I really love this story and truly hope you will too! And to make things even better Evernight is having a Boxing Week sale until Dec.30!!! 30% off all e-books!

After an exciting week of blog hopping, I've randomly drawn the first winner for an e-copy Going the Distance and the winner is: Wanda F. Congratulations!

I've got another contest happening over at my friend, Colin F. Barnes' blog...go check it out...leave a comment (and email address) and you're entered to win an e-copy of Going the Distance!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest Post: Author Keri Lake: My Decision to Self-Publish

I'd like to welcome author Keri Lake to my blog this week. I wanted to explore the topic of self-publishing and thought it would be a great idea to get the perspective of someone who has decided to take that journey. I have to say that Keri's post is a truly inspiring one and has given me a lot to think about. So without further ado:

A little over a year ago, I would have laughed at the idea of self-publishing. No way. No how. There really is a stigma associated with it: a guarantee of crappy, pointless writing that lacks everything a real book should have. I follow enough blogs to know what a good portion of the writing community thinks about it. On one side - those believing that they’ll revolutionize the publishing industry. On the other – the second half of writers hating the first for killing the quality of published books. It’s controversial and touchy and one side doesn’t seem to be capable of changing the other’s mind.

So where do I fall?

Well, I guess somewhere in the middle. You see, I didn’t get in to self-publishing to become the next Hocking. In fact, I really hadn’t planned to publish this book at all in the beginning. It started out as a story for my sister; a sort of outlet to the sadness I felt when she moved out of state for a job. But right around the same time I was writing this book, I was dealing with something else – a monster growing inside of me, getting bigger and bigger with each passing day – I was hating my job.

For those who may not have this experience, being the daughter of a business owner is absolute hell. Why? You’re never satisfied with the status quo. And I come from generations of entrepreneurs. My grandfather owned a business (was a Chemist too), and so does my brother. All three of them built their businesses from the ground up. It was amazing to watch my father go from selling products out of our garage, to owning a warehouse and showroom; to see my brother, tucked away in a corner of his 500 sq. ft. apartment with his computer, move to an entire suite in a commercial building. No bosses. No corporate BS or politics. And I wanted this too. The need coursed through my veins, wild and unruly. If they could do it, so could I.

So I decided to start my own business. I bought my LLC, DBA and domain. I researched vendors and had a couple lined up to drop-ship my products. This was it. I was going to leave the world of working drone and become my own boss. Take a risk. Leap without hesitation.

…problem was, my heart wasn’t in it.

I sat down with my brother. It was one of those long, drawn out conversations where the coffee percolates into the late hours and before you know it, the sun’s going to be coming up soon…and you’re still talking. He asked, “Why not sell your book?”

“What?! My book?? Yeah, right. Self-publishing? No thanks.” <
But somewhere between little sleep, too much coffee, my brother’s words playing over and over in my head, I woke up the next morning and decided to do it. He was right. Could I be any more passionate about something in my life? I loved writing, and I had been telling stories since I could first talk.

I finished the book, which was actually the third novel I’d ever written, and sat down with my brother again to come up with a marketing game plan. The cover had to be catchy, but I’m a simple girl. I’m easily drawn to covers with clean, uncluttered images. The website had to be an extension of me and what I love to write – very dark and a bit mysterious. For the book trailer, I wanted the same dark theme, but I wanted it to play like a movie in the viewer’s head, because that’s the way this book has played out in mine. My brother designed all of these.

Finally, I decided that I wanted the interior, the story itself, to be as good as possible. I’m not an editor and I’m a horrible grammarian. When I write, the words simply tumble from my head to paper without much thought. I don’t outline or do anything truly organized. I sit and write – that’s all. It’s a stress-reliever for me. So after my own obsessive sweeps through the MS (which probably didn’t amount to much since it’s darn near impossible to find EVERY flaw in a story you’ve read over and over), I hired an editor.

The truth is, the book probably could have been better if I’d had a team of professionals who’ve been in the business for years working with me, telling me what to cut and what to keep based on innate knowledge of the market. I would probably reach more people. I’d have someone to consult and bounce ideas off of. I could proudly boast an official badge of publication.

I’m still learning, not just the business, but how to become a better writer. Perhaps this book will be the way I imagine Johnny Depp feels, watching episodes of 21 Jump Street. If so, I’m glad. It would mean my writing improved with time.

Readers will find flaws. They will have opinions about what I should have done differently in the story. Some will hate it, others may love it. But writing was only part of the reason I decided to self-publish. Someday I may submit my work to a traditional publisher. I’m certainly not against them. But for now, I can say I did something I set out to do. I built something from the ground up. And for me, that alone has been worth the risk.

You can find Keri Lake at:







Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Chance to Win! Going the Distance

I've never actually participated in a blog hop before but since this one popped up on my radar and just happened to coincide with my latest release, Going the Distance, I thought there never was a better time to try it out.

In an effort to keep you lovely readers hoping along the chain I thought I'd just keep it short and sweet.

The prize up for grabs is a sexy contemporary erotic novella called Going the Distance and is the second in the Cupid's Conquests series at Evernight Publishing.

He’s been in love with her since they were teenagers, Steph Randall, the most wanted woman on the planet. Pierced by Cupid’s arrow as teens, Ronan fell hard for Steph, he had plans for them, even bought a ring, only to discover that her ambition was stronger than their love. Cupid had failed to win her heart and join the couple. Now Cupid needs to fix things, an incredible boon if he can succeed. All he has to do is show Steph what she is missing.

As an award-winning actress, Steph has a mind of her own and is blinded by her ambition. Yet, for all her money and fame, the only time she truly finds peace is when she is in Ronan’s arms. She thinks that all she needs is a friend with benefits, but with a little Cupid intervention, Ronan suddenly finds that he can’t tolerate it any longer and Steph is forced to choose. What will she risk losing for her ambition? And what is Ronan willing to give up to get his girl?

Contest: To win an e-copy of Going the Distance, all you have to do is leave a comment here with your email address! That's it! Easy peasy! I will draw a winner at the end of the hop!

So go on, leave a comment then be on your merry way to the next blog!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Post by Anne Michaud: Goth at Heart

I'd like to welcome the lovely, Anne Michaud to my blog this week. Once again, Anne and I have decided to do a little tandem posting about something we both have intimate knowledge of...being goth! You know, wearing black and being evil? Well, if you don't know, then keep reading, cause we're about to enlighten you!

Although we grew up in different provinces, Anne and I have discovered that there really was a lot of overlap in our youthful experiences of being goth and it was more than just a clothing choice. So if you're interested in learning a little bit about Anne, myself, and what it was like being a part of the goth underworld, then keep reading!

Anne: The Crow – In high school, a guy said: hey, did you know The Cure is playing a song in that movie where the dude died while shooting? Then, rumors about NIN covering a Joy Division's Deadsouls reached my little town, and before the movie was out, I knew it'd be major. And it was, enough for me to bare the insignia on my lower back, and to see it 13 times in a movie theatre, buying it when it came out, and being outraged by the sequel and TV series. I still NEED to find that cookie jar with Eric Draven sitting on a tombstone, even if my tattoo has faded with time.

Angie: The Crow - Such a tragic movie, for a number of reasons. I've watched this film a million times and always pause at the part where Eric gets shot...wondering if that really was Brandon Lee's final moments (the actor was killed on set). I love this movie and not just because NIN has a song, an amazing song, in it. I, too, was outraged at the sequel and TV series, there just couldn't be a follow up to such a great film!

Anne: Bauhaus - The first time I heard Bela Lugosi's Dead, I was in a cemetery. We had a party in a close-by house, and someone pumped the volume. The bright moon, the cold tombstones, the crunchy grass – and that scratchy guitar. And then I saw Peter Murphy in a video, falling in love not only for his sharp profile and croaky voice, but forever believing he is the Lestat Anne Rice had written about.

Angie: Bauhaus - I have to admit, not a huge fan...but I do like the song Bela Lugosi's Dead...truly the epitome of gothiness. I remember the first time I heard this song, I was at a bar downtown Toronto (underage) called The Sanctuary...there to watch some banned NIN music videos...the song is so hauntingly beautiful that I actually stopped to listen before heading into the dungeon to view my beloved Trent Reznor scream his lungs out singing Wish.

Anne: Anne Rice – I oh so wanted to be part of this dark world of debauchery, where Man hid the animal within, to be chosen by Louis, Armand – but mostly Lestat. Can I be your Tough Cookie, you fucked up vamp? A rockstar drinking blood, wearing capes and black nail polish, unforgiving and unforgotten (please bite me, dear sir). Vampire don't exist, but whenever I read Rice's prose, for a very short while, I believe they do.

Angie: Anne Rice - I love Rice's books. She made me believe in vampires (seriously, for a while as a teenager I truly wished I was being stalked by a Lestat like character who wanted to make me an immortal) I not only enjoyed reading her books, but as an aspiring writer she really helped open up new worlds of possibilities to me in my creative endeavours. I actually got a chance to speak with her at a book signing in Toronto once...she told me that she loved my hair and that I was very "decadent" looking...which to a goth is the best possible compliment you could ever get!

So there it is! Not enough? Oh well, luckily for you, Anne has a post on her blog with three more gothly things we talked about...check it out!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

7 Things You Don't Know About Me!

So I was nominated for another one of these sugary sweet awards…this time it’s called One Lovely Blogger Award…and as you all could probably guess, I won’t be posting the picture…this time it’s just too darn pink! So if you want to see it then you can scroll through the chain that begins for me with the folks who nominated me, Lisa and Heidi (actually I think there might have been one other person who nominated me some time ago, but I can’t find that post so if it’s you…thanks, whoever you are;-)

I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself…so here goes.

1) Partly as a big F.U. to a certain someone and partly as a classic Angie move, I wore black and orange striped tights under my wedding dress and flashed the them during the photograph and garter belt portion of the evening.

2) I could, have, and would again, eat an entire package of bacon all to myself. Disgusting, I know, but I love greasy pig ;-)

3) I stopped writing for five years after receiving a major rejection in university from the creative writing program that I so wanted to get accepted to. Turns out that it was a blessing in disguise…getting into that program would have crippled me both creatively and with regards to my future career.

4) I am very flexible…did years of gymnastics as a kid and then years of yoga pre-children. Being extremely bendable is very good.

5) I have been told that when I give my opinion I punctuate it with a silent, don’t effing argue with me tone and look. And usually people heed that warning. Well, the smart ones do anyway.

6) My husband built me this incredible writer’s loft in the attic of our house and I think I’ve only spent maybe two hours actually writing in it…I do most of my work on the couch or in my bed…shameful, I know.

7) I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but I do have a cousin who I am very close with. She and I have perfected a F.U. laugh…when someone says something stupid, unkind or ignorant we have this the unsuspecting person it just sounds like a normal, short, laugh, but dear couz and I both know exactly what it means when we hear it…which then makes us laugh for an entirely different reason.

So that’s it…more facts than you really need to know about me. I’m going to opt out of the tagging portion of this award…I think the chain needs to stop with me…I’ve nominated enough people for other awards in the past month or so and would probably be testing the boundaries of what is blog acceptable if I pass this one on to anyone else.